In response of Government of Punjab’s appeal to private sector to come forward for providing Free Medical Aid to 80% poor population of Pakistan. MUGHAL TRUST surveyed the entire Pakistan and discovered that most of population is suffering from Eye Diseases and in the absence of proper treatment, due to poverty; they are compelled to hold white stick.

After a detailed analysis, Board to Trustees decided to construct a most modern and well equipped Hospital Purely for the treatment of “EYE Diseases” THANKS TO ALMIGHTY ALLAH that the trust has successfully been completed along with 70 beded hospital and providing FREE EYE treatment with related medicines, free of cost. I have the honour to reflect the minimum details regarding the “FREE EYE HOSPITAL” in brief as follows.

  • The splendid and grandeur building of hospital is situated Johar Town Phase II, Lahore on an area of 6 Kanals and is a beautiful model of Architectural skill and consists of five latest designed wards. Air-conditioned theatres equipped with the latest equipment together with a microscope (Carls’s Ziess visu -150 Consullation) where all the equipment is sterilized with the ultra violet light system. In addition to the above, the latest laser treatment for the diabetes effected eyes where Retina is damaged is also carried out by applying Argon Laser / N.D Yag Laser. Apart from the surgery, the patients are treated free of cost and provided free medicines and Laboratory Facilities.
  • The expense of the completion of the building comes, approximately Rs. 100 million and the cost of Equipment / Apparatus (imported from U.S.A, U.K, Germany and Japan) is approximately Rs. 50 Millions.
  • The Trust has also appointed a team of most experienced doctors, specialized in the field of Ophthalmology headed by DR. SH Shahbaz Ali.
  • Colonel (Retd.) Muhammad Asad ex AC of Pakistan Army has been appointed as Administrator to look after the overall administration of the hospital.
  • Expenditure on professional establishment is touching about 50 million per annum.



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